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Year of production:2008

Running Time: 6:44 Min

Color / no Sound 


This moving image is best shown as a projection on a wall in a dark space. These chance paintings have been created in an experimental phase of my art making, where I explore matter and physics.

The captured random happenings created a mysterious and universal atmosphere in these sequences

Life on mars 1


Year of production:2008

Running Time: 2:30 min

Color / Sound


This moving image is part of an installation called Life on Mars. It is best shown as a projection in a dark room,

The transformation of the matter investigates the aesthetic of a medium. With the alteration of colour, speed and sound it creates a mystical and uncommon happening. The metamorphosis of the medium can be looked at as an evolution and creation of a landscape with its changing surface. This event as an allegory to find life on mars.

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